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Impact Of Social Networking On Mental Condition Of Individuals During Covid-19 Pandemic

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Aswathy Jyothy

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Final Report


The   study aims to ascertain the mental health related issues due to increased   Social Networking Usage by general public especially of the age between 18   and 34. The pandemic and social distancing has isolated people to restrain   themselves in a closed room from others and to find a safe comfort zone   within themselves rather than to involve with others. Fear of acquiring   COVID-19 has been a triggering factor that encourages people to be isolated.   Restraining from environment and social relationships has significantly   increased the usage of smartphones and social medias. Increased usage of   these social networking has turned the mental health of many people. Mental   health is of importance in the health sector and it's effect due to pandemic   and increase SN usage is to be studied to take proper measures.

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