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Occupational Stress, Anxiety and Depression during Covid-19

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Haritha Dilli

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•The   dramatic spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) has caused a global   public health crisis. As of July 2021, it had affected more than 216   countries around the world and had infected more than 18.4Cr people causing   39.9L deaths.
   •With the increasing number of infection rates and death counts due to   Covid-19, there was also unemployment and finical crisis where individuals   suffered for their daily living. The unemployment rate went up to nearly 24   percent due to Covid-19
   •Although few studies have investigated the psychological and mental   health of healthcare workers, no study has been conducted general population   who suffer due to finically due to unemployment and lockdown during COVID-19   second wave.
   •Covid-19 second wave has hit very hard on Youngers who are in the age of   20 to 40. Therefore, the researchers aim to assess the level of, stress,   anxiety, depression and their associated factors an individual face during   Covid-19.

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