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Perspective towards down syndrome among general population

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Iram Ali

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The study was to assess the attitudes and behavior towards people with down syndrome and to know the factors which cause such attitudes. Through this study, we can imply it in public health and education. Various interventions can be applied to nurture positive attitudes in society. parents can be educated for prenatal testing. Those mothers who have been diagnosed with a Down syndrome child can be taught how to take care of their child. An amniocentesis is a diagnostic tool that should be carried out by trusted medical practitioners. policies can be framed for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities at the workplace or school. Also, the interaction between the general population and people with disabilities should be increased. Results also show that urban area people have more positive attitudes than rural areas so we can organize various meetings and sessions in villages to educate people. However, the study has been conducted on a small size of population so it is advisable to conduct in a higher number population to get a better and more significant conclusion.

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