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Assessment of cancer stigma using validated Cancer Stigma Scale in general population

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Umme Habeeba A Pathan

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Health related stigma is found in highly transmissible diseases like HIV/AIDS, Leprosy and mental illness. Research in cancer related stigma is very less in India because of the reason of not asking the right question. This study is an attempt to investigate whether the cancer related stigma exist using validated CASS conducted by Marlow LAV et al in 2014. This scale was also implemented in the Japanese population in 2020. Being able to measure the stigma of cancer would make it possible to identify the extent to which stigma exists.

This study was conducted for the first time by implementing CASS in general population of India. There were many similarities and dissimilarities to the original CASS. The properties of CASS were implemented in general population of India. The study was conducted on lesser population and hence further studies with large population are needed due to varied diversity of India.


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