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Nanotechnology in Plant Transformation

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Ansari Shariah Mohd Yusuf

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In conclusion, efficient transformation of plants with transgenes encapsulated in nanocarriers is relatively the new area in plant biotechnology. Till now, liposomes have been explored and other nanotechnologies (nanoparticle, carbon nanotube, quantum dots, nano emulsion, etc.) will definitely be used as they were successfully explored in animal bio- technology. Although nanotechnology-based biotransformation is relatively efficient, its combination with commonly applied approaches in transgenic plant development will surely improve in terms of efficiency and productivity, and the chances of transgene silencing can also be minimized. The mechanism of biotransformation in nanotechnology is still not clearly understood, but the possible role of endocytosis process as well as transcellular and paracellular trans- port of the nanocarriers encapsulated transgene cannot be ruled out.

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