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Tobacco use remains a significant public health concern worldwide, contributing to a range of adverse health outcomes. Monitoring and understanding patterns of tobacco use is crucial for designing effective prevention and cessation programs. In this project, we aim to gain valuable insights into tobacco use among adults using a comprehensive dataset obtained from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS).The dataset encompasses information collected from various states across the United States, covering multiple years. By leveraging this dataset, we intend to explore and predict key aspects of tobacco use, focusing on five primary areas of interest:

Cigarette Use Prevalence by Location and Time: We will analyze the prevalence of cigarette use in different states over the years to identify geographic trends and temporal patterns. This analysis will provide a comprehensive understanding of how tobacco use has evolved and varied across different locations.

Gender and Race Disparities in Cigarette Use: We will investigate the prevalence of cigarette use between genders and races within specific locations or across different states. By examining these disparities, we aim to identify any variations in smoking rates that may require targeted intervention strategies.

Educational Attainment and Cigarette Use: We will explore the relationship between educational attainment and cigarette use prevalence. Understanding whether there is an association between educational level and smoking habits can help in tailoring educational campaigns and interventions.

Predicting Prevalence of Current Smokers: Utilizing demographic variables such as gender, race, and education, we will build predictive models to estimate the prevalence of current smokers among adults. These models will enable us to forecast smoking rates and identify subgroups that may require additional attention.

Analysis of Smoking Frequency: We will investigate the smoking frequency among current smokers, examining differences across locations and demographic groups. This analysis will shed light on the intensity of smoking habits and help in understanding patterns of addiction. By conducting these analyses and making predictions based on the dataset, we aim to contribute to the existing knowledge on tobacco use among adults and provide actionable insights for public health practitioners, policymakers, and researchers. Ultimately, this project strives to inform evidence-based interventions and policies aimed at reducing tobacco use prevalence and improving the overall health and well-being of individuals and communities.

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