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4-Month-Old dies due to drug reaction – Delhi

In a case of alleged medical negligence, a four-month-old baby died at a hospital in Delhi on Friday, after he was given a pain killer injection for temporary relief from a stitch on the baby’s upper lip.

According to the family, the baby was taken to Jaipur Golden Hospital in North West Delhi’s Rohini on January 17 after the baby had suffered a cut in the upper lip.

They were informed that the doctors were planning to put a stitch to treat the cut, and the family agreed.

Accordingly, a minor surgery was performed and returned to the family. However, since the boy continued to cry post the surgery, the doctors were informed.

“The doctors took the baby away and administered some pain killer following which the he became completely silent. We got afraid to see him completely silent and without any motion,” Manish Kumar, the baby’s uncle told IANS.

Doctors conducted a check on the boy after the the family had informed them about his condition.

“After checking, they immediately rushed him to the ICU where he was kept for nearly one hour. After one hour, the doctors came out and informed that the baby had died due to medicine reaction,” said Mr Kumar.

When the matter was taken to the Medical Superintendent, the family was told that it was a case of medicine reaction and nothing could be done about it.

3 COMMENTSThe family filed a police complaint against the hospital and the doctors involved in the treatment of the baby.

In 2015, in a similar case in the same hospital, Anamika Ray, a 36-year-old academician from Assam had died due to blood infection caused while undergoing a surgery. (Source : NDTV / IndiaToday / DC )

Question Arise : Either it is medical negligence ? Who is responsible ?



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