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AWW pattern for Skin care

Apply – Wait – Wash

We care for our health a lot but some times we fail to do proper care. Yes it is AWW moment for those who really cares for their skin. Usually its our tendency to wash as soon we apply any face wash.

In medical term we can say that every drug/application needs some time to act. For example we take medicine and we wait for few hours to see its action or sometimes few days to see its action. But when you wash your face do you have patience to wait. Most of us will have answer a big ” NO ” . Question is Why So ?

Answer is very simple we feel that washing hands – Applying face wash – and Rinsing / Washing it – all done to get your face washed. And its true you have washed your face. But remember, really you have just ” WASHED ” your face. And after just washing how you can expect the effect of contents on your face. It was just wash as you wash with water or any foaming agent.

If you want your skin to get benefited with all the ingredients / constituents of the face wash then at least you should wait for some time. Applying and washing does not provide sufficient time to ingredients. It is like wasting your ingredients in sink. So its necessary that proper time should be given for the action of ingredients.

Now a big question is – How Long ?

According to AdoreBeauty – It’s not necessary to leave your cleanser on your skin for more than few seconds.

Some cleanser have clear labeling that how long the product should stay on your skin. Exceeding that won’t improve your complexion, so stick to the package instructions.

But what to do if the package doesn’t specify how long to leave the cleanser on your face.

According to Nayamka Roberts-Smith,Beautyologist 60 second rule should be followed.

Apply your face wash or Cleansing agent – massage for 1 minute and then wash it. Even if your skin is very oily or dirty, cleanser shouldn’t stay on your skin longer than one to two minutes. Our aim is not to let face wash absorbed by skin. Our aim is to let the ingredient act on skin. Keeping face wash or cleansing agent for a longer duration on your skin may lead to the dryness or itching.

Few things you should keep in mind while following 60 seconds cleansing routine to get the satisfactory results:

  1. Not to rub your face harshly .I know it may feel psychologically satisfactory that your face is getting more cleaner, but the truth is it may disrupt your skin barrier and cause more damage. So try to massage your face with gentle hand circular motions.

  2. If your face feels too dry ,then it is not the cleansing method which is causing dryness. it may be your facewash to blame instead of giving up with AWW pattern of cleansing, try and use some other good, non-soapy, hydrating cleansers.

  3. This cleansing method is supposed to be done with your fingers. do not use any type of scrubbers or harsh cleansing tools to wash your face.

  4. Initially your skin may go through with skin purging phase while following this method i.e. your skin issues may get worse. Don’t get panic. Just stick to this cleansing rule, by time you are surely gonna see much difference in your skin.

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We Suggest you to Follow A W W pattern

Apply – Wait – Wash


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