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Create Portfolio with CHEARS Tool - Share your skill and achievements with others.

An online portfolio offers numerous advantages over traditional physical portfolios. It provides global accessibility, reaching a wider audience and expanding opportunities. Online portfolios showcase digital skills and enable easy sharing of large files. They encourage continuous learning and feedback, fostering growth and connections. Overall, online portfolios enhance visibility, professionalism, and the potential for career advancement in the digital age.

Check the video to learn how you can create portfolio with CHEARS and share your portfolio link on social media and with applications.

  1. Visit

  2. Click on Profile/Activities under Account section

  3. Scroll down the activity page and click on create/update portfolio

  4. generate / update your portfolio

  5. Which activity page and click on My Portfolio.

  6. You can share the link of My Portfolio

  7. You can also print it by pressing ctrl+p on your Portfolio Page



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