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Diabetes : A Lazy Disease – A Natural Approach to Cope

Now a days it’s very easy to find diabetes active participants in every home. Many feel it is an achievement, very proudly they used to say “I have diabetes just at the age of 35 or 40 I started friendship with diabetes”. And they try to convince you it’s just a part of life, and they say like their grandmother is having diabetes and their father is having diabetes and now he is having diabetes. It’s just hereditary, not his fault.

Yes, his father is having diabetes, his grandmother is having diabetes, he is having diabetes, and it’s just part in aging, right??

Obviously it’s part in aging. No doubt about it. But my question is at what age?

Our grandmother had diabetes at age of 80 or 85, our dad has diabetes at age of 60, and we are having diabetes at age of 40. If it continues like this what would be age of diabetes for our daughter? For our grandson? For other next generations.

Just imagine how dangerous it is.

Now we see type 2 diabetes mellitus

Apply same formula what we discussed the last week

1. What is diabetes? Diabetes is increase in blood glucose levels.

2. Where is the problem? In type 2 diabetes mainly it is the problem in abdominal fat, and other fat tissues. Obese people usually has more fat in abdominal region. This excess fat has more amount if adipose tissue. Usually this excess fat very easily develops resistance to the insulin. Insulin is the hormone which is responsible for absorbing glucose from bloodstream to the body cells. When body cells develops resistance to insulin they cannot use glucose presented in blood. And when you take food it converts into glucose form and enters into your bloodstream. So here new glucose is entering into blood, and body cells are not utilizing existed glucose, it is leading to rise in blood glucose level.

3. How it is affecting you? To perform our daily activities we need some energy. This energy is coming from glucose. When your body gets resistant to insulin and not utilizing glucose you cannot gain energy. Brain is the first part in our body who needs energy, so slowly your symptoms start from brain like dizziness, confusion, fainting, and giddiness slowly it spread to other systems in body and you starts experiencing low blood pressure, tiredness, weakness and etc. it slowly leads to coma, and life threatening if not treated on time.

4. Why there is a problem? Almost all of our grandfathers are farmers, and many of us are children of farmers. But what about us? We are doing or expecting a job, which must contain a chair and a table and a fan or cooler or air conditioner. Why I am mentioning this is, compare our physical activity with our grandfather’s physical activity, or with our parent’s physical activity. When compare with them we are not doing anything, our activity is very less. Of course technology is there to reduce our stress, we developed technology to get benefit from it, not diseases. Use 100% technology where ever it is required. But you should give needed physical activity to your body. If you are not giving sufficient work to your machine, it will not work when you need it. And if you are giving sudden works automatically it will damage. That is why many specialized engineers want to run their machine in constant and stable pace, Right? Same thing happens with your body too, you have to maintain in constant pace by giving sufficient regular physical activity.

Because body is the most sophisticated machine on this planet. Isn’t it?

Next week we will see other risk factors and natural (non-pharmacological) management of diabetes



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