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Having a baby after 35 : Few things to be taken care

New Delhi: Anything natural is healthier than anything that is artificially assisted. Many women wish to have a natural childbirth than a cesarean, but very few are actually able to have one these days.

“We must understand that there is a lot of preparation that can help in improving the chances of having a natural childbirth for a pregnant woman. It is important that there is minimal risk of any complications during the pregnancy and labour,” said Dr Mahima Bakshi, Women and Child Wellness Consultant, Birthright by Rainbow, Rainbow Childrens Hospital.

Also, the baby should grow in a healthy way as per the pregnancy phases. Especially for women with advancing age, the possibility of complications and high risks increases. Therefore, even more important is for women above 35 to take care of themselves during pregnancy and labour in order to have a healthy baby and safe childbirth in a natural way.

Women with advancing age have higher chances of age related risk factors as the baby’s health is concerned so even better to prepare themselves the moment the thought of having a baby pops in the mind.

“Firstly, ensure that your body is in the right condition to have a baby. Issues like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid imbalance is very common above 35. In fact it is very commonly seen even in women in their 20s. So, try to ensure that you maintain these in a balanced level first. Of course take your medications under the guidance of your doctor. But also try to control these levels through natural ways,” said Bakshi.

“Once you have conceived, do everything it takes to take care of yourself and your baby,” she added.

– Fix your lifestyle for your little one who is about to arrive. Remove alcohol, smoking, drugs completely from your life and around you. Avoid going to places that can have passive smoking for your baby too.

– Ensure to fix your sleep if that is disturbed. Try some light shoulder or head massages at night to induce sleep or try aroma therapy. A good sleep is very important to stay healthy.

– Exercise even during pregnancy to stay fit. Consult your OBGYN and then meet an antenatal expert who’s trained in pregnancy fitness. Avoid workouts in the first trimester. And keep a track on your reports and scans.

– Eat well. No need to eat for two, but eat right. Have small light meals every two hours. Add lots of salads and fruits to your daily diet. Ensure that you are taking good amount of fluids too. And maintain good protein levels in your diet. Avoid staying empty stomach for long hours and also avoid heavy meals. Prefer to have home cooked food mostly.

– Don’t remain seated for long hours. Take a walk every one hour. Go for a long walk once a day. It will help in maintaining good blood circulation in the body and will also help in improving your stamina for natural childbirth.

– You can enroll for childbirth preparation classes where a coach will help you and your husband to prepare for a natural childbirth. It also helps in making labour easier.

– You could experience a lot of mood swings that can make you lose motivation to stay fit during pregnancy so keep talking to your husband or a close friend who can also act as a good listener. Vent out your emotions.

– Step out for some baby shopping. That would act as a best distraction for you from your pregnancy blues.

– Make a birth plan with your OBGYN and Antenatal/Perinatal expert. And start preparing for it.

– Incase of existing joint or muscular issues, discuss them with your Antenatal therapist who would help in strengthening your joints and muscles to avoid injuries during labour.

Source : DC



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