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Part#1 : Gastric : Natural Gas of Your Stomach Needs Your Attention

Today the most common problem people are facing are gastric related problems. But many don’t want to reveal this problem. There are many types of gastric problems they need many solutions.

In this session we see about common gastric problems like indigestion, feeling stomach fullness like someone filled your stomach with air!! And bloating.

To find out solution for this go to our basics

What is the problem?

Whatever food you are taking is not digesting properly, or you are feeling heaviness in stomach, or you are getting farts or bloating or feeling like stomach is filled with air.

Where is the problem?

Stomach work is to digest the food whatever you take. It produce some kind of acid called gastric acid to digest the food. Whenever you take food acid starts acting on the food. It divides the food into simple molecules which can be absorbed or further digested easily. And this food also causes releasing of more chemicals. Release of different chemicals based on the different types food you have taken. And food is also a chemical isn’t it? When many chemicals are reacting with each other for long time obviously there is production of gas. No surprise in this, right?

How it is affecting you?

Always you are feeling you stomach is full. So you can’t eat more food it leads to depletion in nutrition levels. And you feel farting and bloating many times, it is very discomfort for you. And it will not let the food to digest. If it is not treated you slowly starts feeling food reflux into your mouth from stomach. And stomach releases more and more acid to digest food. Excess acid will damage your inner lining of gastric tract called gastric mucosa damage. It leads to ulcer. You will develop the symptoms like stomach pain, vomiting, bloody stools, and blood vomiting and abdominal cramps. Finally it leads cessation of absorption of food. So your body will not get any nutrition. It finally results in death.



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