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Part#2-Diabetes : A Lazy Disease – A Natural Approach to Cope

Hi, hello, how are you… my dear readers? Are you doing fine, yeah, of course, I know you all are happy. But I’m asking about your exercise, are you doing? At least are you thinking to do??????

Let’s see the topic diabetes mellitus management

Always the main concern of diabetes is food, what to eat? What not to eat? It’s always biggest question right? How to chase this? I have an idea to share with you friends.

I say leave everything and follow your body. You know? your body never lie to you. Many times your brain (mind) lie to you, but your body wont. But finally we ignore our body and goes with mind direction.

Whenever you feel hungry eat at that time, but here is the logic. Always your body expects less food intake from you, but after seeing the food your mind wants to eat everything. Here you have to shut up your mind and accept your body. That means take little or needed amount of food, take many times whenever you feel hungry.

What elders says? We should enjoy everything in life than only its perfect life, and you become a perfect human being. Same thing apply in food also, why you want to compromise for carbohydrates and proteins. Eat everything. Perfect meal is most important for perfect life. Perfect meal means it should contain everything, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, amino acids and what not?

And the question is where should I get all this?

Very simple, who told you that breakfast should be idly or dosa, and lunch and dinner should be rice or chapatti?

Breakfast or lunch or dinner take everything what nature is giving to you? Fruits, raw vegetables, some leafs like holibasil, neem leaves, amla fruits. And rice and chapatti or any other daily source. Tell me Now are you missing anything in your meal.

But for the people who are living in city it may be little costly meal, but health is wealth right?

In this society what is more costly than health???

For the people who are living in villages it is somewhat easy to follow, that’s why our elders said don’t disturb the nature, it gives you everything whenever you need, no matter what you want, nature gives you.

At least now it’s time for go green, plant at least one plant in your home. Definitely it give you fruits, very soon you can see quality in your life, if surroundings are greened with trees.

And now whatever you feel sweet in taste just avoid that, your mind wants to eat but ignore your mind and ask your body it will tell you either you need it or not?

Because we all know sweet is sugar that means high and high amount of glucose. In diabetes patients already there is increase glucose levels, you are suffering to maintain that, now ask your body weather your body wants to take more sugars???

This is the thing friends, choose wise decision between your body and mind (brain). Body always gives you best decisions follow it don’t ignore.

And my dear readers don’t neglect physical activity, do something, yoga or 30 minutes’ walk, or exercise. Because diabetes is lazy disease, Be physically active –perfectly alive


Cherry fruits, grape fruit, dried apricots, pears, apples, oranges, plums, strawberries, peaches, papaya

Eat grapes with caution that means very low amount.

Pea nuts, olives

Green leafs are always best food for diabetics (spinach, coriander, tulsi, amaranths etc…)


All root vegetables like potato, carrot, beets, ground nuts etc… And corns

Banana, melons, pineapple, honey, mango, watermelon,

Next week we will see how to prevent diabetes.

Take care, bye..bye..



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