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Part#3-Diabetes : A Lazy Disease – A Natural Approach to Cope

Hi friends last two sessions we have seen what diabetes is and how to manage diabetes in diabetes patients. I hope all of you got some good information from that which can be followed very easily, without much complicated procedures.

Many of us are free of diabetes and you are thinking that diabetes management is no useful for you.

Than today’s article would be more useful for you.

Today we see how to prevent diabetes in healthy individuals.

Is it interesting for you? And I cannot give 100% guaranty that if you follow these procedures you will not get diabetes, but I can give you 90% guaranty, we have enough studies and researches to prove it.

Let’s move to topic,

Always first concern about diabetic is food, right? Is there any limitations for healthy peoples on food? Many say NO. But I say YES. But I’m not asking you to avoid some type of foods. I am telling you to eat everything what you can eat. But here you have to know how to eat. Is there any standard procedure to eat? Definitely NO. Than what does it means?

Let me explain

When you need food?, when you are hungry or tired. When you will be hungry or tired? When you are working. That means your food intake should be directly proportional to your physical work. When you work more? In day time, right? So you have to take more food in day time and less food in night time.

Second concern about diabetic is sleep. Many diabetic patients feel sleepier, it can be caused by their altered metabolism in body or may be due to medication they are taking. But how should be healthy individuals sleep cycle. Many says sleep time should be within 6 to 8 hours per day. But I say it’s purely depend on individual. When we tired we sleep, that means we sleep for restfulness. Whenever you feel that you got enough rest, you can get up. It’s not needed to be 6 to 8 hours.

But I tell you day is to work and night is to sleep, I’ll tell you in the next coming articles why we should sleep only nights, why not in day time? .

Third most concern about diabetes is exercise, which exercise to do and what to avoid. Right? For healthy individuals I say any exercise is good, you are very healthy, and you are perfectly fit now. You can do any exercise. Only thing is you should not take rest. If you are taking rest in day time, your body will become lazy. And you know lazy people are pets of diabetes.

So now what is the conclusion??? Eat, sleep, and work in balanced manner.

Ohhh, this you already know right?

This is what I am saying, all of us know about this, but many are ignoring.

At least this time please don’t ignore, for you and your family, and for the society, society is expecting so much from you. If you are sick, you cannot give that.

Be healthy



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