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Skin Problem – What may be cause ??? (Part#1)

To get remedy of any problem it is necessary to know cause of that problem. And the same is applicable even if we deal with the facial problems like Acne. Acne is the condition which arise when there is clogging or we can say blocking of the skin pores. It has many symptoms like whiteheads, blackheads, pimples or scarring. Now the question is how to prevent this clogging or blocking of skin pores. The answer hides behind the knowledge which you have regarding the acne, or I can say that it will depend on how clear your concept is towards the cause of problem.

This article is going to discuss about the cause of clogged pores or you can say in other words, cause of Acne. I am going to explain one by one each reason. I have divided this topic in several parts to avoid long and boring post.

Lets start discussion !!!!

Reason 1 : Heredity

Yes, acne is genetic to a point. If one or both of your parents had acne , there is a great possibility that you are going to develop acne too. Genetics also play a great role in how easily your pores clog, for example , your skin may have a hereditary tendency to overproduce oil or dead skin cells which can clog your pores and so certainly will lead to breakouts. Of-course, there are also many factors which can influence acne but if you are doing everything possible for your skin issues then genetics can be an underlying reason to blame for.

Reason 2 : Diet

When it comes to skincare, we often put so much attention and efforts on outside applications that we forget about our insides, but the truth is our diet is much more important than what we put from outside, when it comes to acne prone skin i.e. if you are having a poor eating habits or if something in your diet isn’t agreeing with your body, it will surely going to show up on your face. Food allergies and intolerance could be one of the reason, if you are stuck with nightmare called acne. So if you really want to combat acne, plan an anti-acne diet according to your body. Each of us responds differently to what we eat, so observing your diet and acne condition for several weeks may help you

identify whether certain foods are causing acne. If a food you observed is the reason , eliminate it from your diet and see if your skin is improving. As an example , if you suspect that dairy products can be a cause just take 30 days milk challenge where you need to STOP consuming obviously milk and other milk made products like ice-cream ,milk chocolate, milk powder, cheese and any supplement which contain milk solids for 30 days. Observe either you see any positive difference in your condition or not. Same applies for other foods as well.

Reason 3 : Stress and mental tension

Have you ever observed your acne worsen, when you are stressed out?

If yes ,then you have observed right. While stress doesn’t directly cause acne but it can exacerbate if you are already dealing with acne. Fact is during stress, certain hormones including cortisol and adrenal androgen plus neuropeptides are released to protect you. Unfortunately these hormones also trigger and inflame the sebaceous glands which can cause a flareup of skin conditions including acne.

Reason 4 : Tendency to touch your face constantly

Constantly touching your face is not at all a healthy habit for your skin especially if you are suffering from acne. As our hands come in contact with millions of germs, just imagine of touching your face with those dirty, germ full of hands, scary right?

So, why to touch your face that is going to transfer those germs on your skin resulting in clogged pores and finally acne.

Reason 5 : Cleansing too frequently

Over-washing your face can make your acne worse. If you think that washing your oily/acne prone skin with a cleanser several times a day will keep your skin clean and acne free, then you are doing more harm than good. Over-washing can dry out your skin further making it to produce more oil leading to breakouts. So, I suggest you to wash your face not more than two times a day once in the morning and once at night before going to bed. Meanwhile, if you feel that your face has become oily/ greasy, you can even use blotting / facial tissue paper to blot excess oil/greasiness from your face. This will not only clean your skin but also avoid over-washing.

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