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Why to treat external when problem is internal ?

Body is a basket of chemicals isn’t it? When there is abnormality in chemical balance you are suffering, at that time you try to keep the chemicals in balance with dropping in another chemical (drug). with that chemical actions you may get relief for moment, but does it work for long time? Is it appropriate way to keep your chemicals in balance? Definitely NO

So what is the solution, first understand the roots of the problem. What is the problem? Where is the problem? Why there is a problem? How it is affecting you? If you understand these questions, very easily you can come out of problem.

Almost all the human medical problems except some infections can be treated without introducing single drop of chemical to your body.

Only technique is eat well, work well. This is the technique our elders saying from decades of centuries, but we are ignoring, isn’t it?

When you are taking well balanced meal which contains all carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and all electrolytes how your chemical system will disturb? It won’t. When you are working well and active full day, utilizing all the nutrition how your chemical balance will disturb? It won’t.

This is the simple trick to keep yourself healthy, everybody knows this and many ignores this?

It’s already too late, at least now start following this and be healthy.

Next week onwards you can see how to manage each disease with minimum medication in starting and later without any medication.



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