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2022-23 Committee Nomination Form is now open

Dear Member,

In continuation of the previous notification , the members who have registered for 2022-2023 Membership can now nominate their name for the committees. Nomination form link is given on website home page under Public Notice Section. Information link for all the committees are given in form.

Important Steps :

  1. Membership Registration visit Important - Membership Registration 2022-2023 (

  2. To fill your nomination : Please visit and scroll down to check Public Notice section.

Form will stop accepting nomination after 25 April 2022

Important to Note :

  • In case you fill the nomination form before the membership registration, system will reject your nomination and your nomination will not be in count.

  • As mentioned early, in case of tie for eligible candidates applied for same position in same committee, the member filled nomination earlier will have preference.

In case of any query feel free to drop in comment or write us on



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